AC on Connecting w/ Students

A few weeks ago AC posted a very helpful article on his blog about helping youth leaders become more active in connecting with students.  His process is as follows:

1. meet

2. greet

3. connect

4. pray

Head here to read his full article.  I think it’s a very helpful way to approach connecting with students.


What would it look like if your leaders adopted this approach?



PS. Thanks to Josh Griffin for directing me to AC’s blog.

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Teaming with Parents

Our goal as ministers to youth is to minister alongside of parents, not in place of or in competition with them.  We are to be a support system for them and their students.  This truth can often be forgotten, ignored, or all together unknown.  But the fact of the matter is that parents have the most influence on their children, not us.  So it should be our goal to team up with the parents of the students we minister to so we can impact them the greatest for the kingdom.


Here are 3 ways we can team with parents:

  1. Find out what is going on at home.  Our students, more than ever, are coming from crazy home lives; divorce, blended families, co-habitation, etc.  Knowing what is going on in their home is essential to knowing how to better minister to them.  Talking with the parent(s) about this can give you insight on how you can minister to them as well.  Often times parents are looking for wisdom and advice on how to handle their student’s current circumstance.  Make yourself available to the parent(s) and let them know that you are there to listen.
  2. Communicate!  The more we communicate the better. I would love to field a call from a parent that says, ‘Cam, you guys are just communicating too much!  Please stop.’  It is also important that everyone communicates the same message.  If they are receiving the same communication from the youth pastor, the sponsors, and the small group leaders they will receive the information more easily.  If they are receiving different communication from those people confusion will ensue and then I’ll get an angry phone call…not cool.
  3. Ask how you can pray for them and their family…and then do it!


By connecting with parents on a personal level, coming alongside of them in support, and lifting them up in prayer we can show parents that we desire to team with them in the discipleship and spiritual formation of their students.


How can you carry out these 3 steps this week?


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